Day ???

I will look into what day it is and update that on the next blog, the main thing for today is to start……….

and start I am…….. I weighed myself today 89.5 – that’s a gain of 3.5 kilos since I stopped counting.

My aim at this stage is to just START everything

START eating less

START tracking

START exercising

START losing weight again………

so that’s what today is THE START 🙂

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Day 166 , Monday august 1st, 2011

Well, atleast I think its day 166! I seem to have lost count, ITS BEEN TOOOOO LONG

I have been so distracted, I just havent had time to think about giving any love to this blog!

I did go off track there for a few weeks there, once I found out I got this role, I sort of let go of everything and celebrated in a BIG way. Too much food, too much drinking, too many calories…….

Until I started working I kept up the daily exercise so there really wasnt any fall out from the excess calories – which was good

But then once I started my new role, after not working for 6 months it was a lot to get used to, getting up at 6am, making myself presentable,  driving to and from work, concentrating and being present for 8 hours in a day, really sucked my energy and I found there wasnt much left for exercise once I got home.

week 1 – I managed 1 class of Pilates

week 2 – nothing, nada, niente….

week 3 – a Pilates class, a spin class and a ride along the river on sunday 🙂

So now I am starting on week 4, today = zero, no real excuse, but that I am a little weary. Tomorrow I have a spin class planned, Wednesday Pilates, thursday spin and a weekend ride. I am thinking if I can amp it up to 4x this week, I will be back to 5-6 days a week in no time.

with working fulltime, I think that having a goal of  5-6 days exercise is realistic, and that’s what I need to do – is set realistic goals that i can achieve.

where my weight is concerned – So when i finally weighed myself again last week – I  found I weighed 88.4, a GAIN of 2.4 kilos – I was not a happy camper, but today after being back on WW for a week, with a loss of 1.3 kilos I am down to 87.1 kilos and I am finally back on track………

Cant tell you how excited I am to be back on track, back in the workforce again, back on WW and back on the exercise bandwagon :-0

oh and I will be trying to post more regularly from now on, hoping for a minimum of once a week

happy monday everyone….


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Day 141 – Thursday July 7, 2011

Activity – A light ride to a drinks catch up (20 minutes)

Today I was busy busy busy, started with a good breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and 2 skim coffees. But as I was out until 4.30pm, in and out of meetings, it went a little astray, I did take fruit with me which ensured I had some healthy options. I ate all 3 pf these between 12 & 2.30pm, then when i caught up with N for a coffee, I also relented and shared 1/2 a lemon tart, delicious, but not a good choice for lunch :-).

Dinner was a homemade chicken & roast vegie wrap, Using tortilla wraps, and left over chicken and vegies from Tuesday nights roast, dd some tatziki, chilli sauce and spinach leaves – delicious & nutritious.

Then caught up with N, N , A & C at Eydies on Lygon st – for some bevies. I had 2 glasses if red, however as the barman was very generoous I had to count them as 4 in terms of WW por-points.

A late night snack of toast, butter and vegemite, had me ending the day on 48 points, i still have a few additional points (activity) to use for the week, BUT I am a little disappointed in myself that I havent managed to keep to my plan for the week, so I don’t quite feel that I can sing my motto “IM BACK” as strongly as I did Monday morning!!

However in saying that I am still “BACK” , but instead of sprinting, I am shuffling my eway back. At the end of the day BACK is BACK & I am proud to say I am on my way…………….


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Day 140 – Wednesday July 6, 2011

Activity – 55 minutes spin class & 20 minute walk

I am not proud of last night, I cooked a delicious roast lemon chicken to accompany it ,we opened a bottle of wine – which was delicious, where we went wrong was opening the 2nd bottle of wine………………………………I drank too quickly which had me feeling really tipsy, this led to snacks, chocolate and then bread with Vegemite – a total of 58 WW points including all wine – not a great day – but not the end of the world as i have and still have some weekly bonus points to use 🙂

today – I have had a bitsy eating day, breakfast before spin, snack after, then as I was cooking all day I found myself snacking on was i cooked, chilli pumpkin soup, Thai chicken balls and peppermint chocolate slice., as well as a snack of arrowroot biscuits which are part of the slice recipe!  So all in all not a nutritious day, will be a little over daily total, but not too bad.

Tomorrow the plan is to eat, more fresh items, possibly,  muesli with fruit for breaky salad of some sort  for lunch and a fish with salad for dinner with snacks of fruit

Its funny, but even my body is feeling the lack of nutrition today – I am craving some greens which is brilliant really

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Day 139 – Tuesday July 5, 2011

Activity – spin class 55 mins

Was really hungry last night – I don’t know if it was the weather (so cold) or physiological because it was my first day back on track , whatever it was by the end of the day (after dinner ) I was hungry. I had 2 snacks, some cashews and a hot chocolate made with mexican drinking chocolate and skim milk, which did fill the gap for some time. I also decided to distract myself a little my re-organising my home office/retreat room, which kept me busy and kept my mind off food. This is great for those times when I am looking to food because I am looking for something to fill my time, not because I am hungry. I am definitely trying to stop this habit of  mindless eating, so really happy that this worked.

I am hoping that by returning to work next week, that things will become easier on this front , as I will be busy busy – so no time for “the filling of time” eating. But there will be other challenges as I will now need to try to plan  healthy, low in WW points meals within a shorter time frame. I know this will be a challenge, but is very do-able, I will just need to think ahead, planning shopping lists and meals in advance, so that I do not fall back on high carb and high WW point foods.

I am so so so happy to be returning to work and I know that i will be happy to rise to the food challenge as this is a change of lifestyle for me. I am losing the weight this time FOREVER – I do not want to see it return, this time I WANT IT TO STICK!

happy Tuesday to you all, 🙂


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Day 138 – Monday July 4, 2011 post 2

Activity – 60 minutes Pilates

Had a brilliant weekend in Daylesford with A, eating and drinking it up all the beautiful long weekend.

Today back on track.

Back to 3 alcohol free days a week, tracking each and every one of my WW pro-points and exercising every day.

wish me luck 🙂

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Day 138 – Monday July 4, 2011

As mentioned last week, I had decided to go on a little break from the WW program, and try to  maintain my weight for a couple of weeks…

OK, so I did put on 700grams, but with the past 2 weeks of indulging I am pretty happy with that result. I plan on getting back onto the program, tracking all my pro-points and exercise so taht I can start losing some decent numbers again.

Its been lovely having a break from watching and tracking everything that goes into my mouth, but what this break has made me realise is that, Im not where I want to be yet, I have a few more kilos to lose and have a little more toning up to do. At this stage I am thinking that my new Target weight that I am aiming for is 80kilos, and once I get there Then I will re-evaluate if I want to progress any further.

As I weigh 86.7 kilos today, I am thinking if I lose 700grams every week, then by the 22th of August I should lose another 4.6kilos, being a total of 82.1 kilos……

Then with a 2 week break for birthday celebrations, I am thinking after that I would drop down to 500 grams a week, which would mean that by October 22nd, I should be down to 80 kilos, at which point I will then look at a new target if i decide i want to lose a few more pounds.

I start work again next week – after a 6 month break and I am extremely excited to start my next adventure into the world of fashion – i have missed it so.

Just wanting to let you all know I am back, bigger and better than ever, focused on getting exactly what where I want to be both personally and professionally

🙂 happy that….


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