Day 139 – Tuesday July 5, 2011

Activity – spin class 55 mins

Was really hungry last night – I don’t know if it was the weather (so cold) or physiological because it was my first day back on track , whatever it was by the end of the day (after dinner ) I was hungry. I had 2 snacks, some cashews and a hot chocolate made with mexican drinking chocolate and skim milk, which did fill the gap for some time. I also decided to distract myself a little my re-organising my home office/retreat room, which kept me busy and kept my mind off food. This is great for those times when I am looking to food because I am looking for something to fill my time, not because I am hungry. I am definitely trying to stop this habit of  mindless eating, so really happy that this worked.

I am hoping that by returning to work next week, that things will become easier on this front , as I will be busy busy – so no time for “the filling of time” eating. But there will be other challenges as I will now need to try to plan  healthy, low in WW points meals within a shorter time frame. I know this will be a challenge, but is very do-able, I will just need to think ahead, planning shopping lists and meals in advance, so that I do not fall back on high carb and high WW point foods.

I am so so so happy to be returning to work and I know that i will be happy to rise to the food challenge as this is a change of lifestyle for me. I am losing the weight this time FOREVER – I do not want to see it return, this time I WANT IT TO STICK!

happy Tuesday to you all, 🙂



About mysnapshotsintime

I wasnt born in this fair city, but Melbourne is definitely the place I call home, after 15 years here, I can’t imagine ever putting down roots longterm anywhere else in the world. I started this blog to capture all the interesting and wonderful sights I see as I travel around my fair city, whether that be on foot, on bike, by tram, taxi or car, more as a visual diary for myself than anything else,so that I can come back from time to time and look upon the wonders of Melbourne, and remind myself how lucky I am to live in a city so wonderful!
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