Day 140 – Wednesday July 6, 2011

Activity – 55 minutes spin class & 20 minute walk

I am not proud of last night, I cooked a delicious roast lemon chicken to accompany it ,we opened a bottle of wine – which was delicious, where we went wrong was opening the 2nd bottle of wine………………………………I drank too quickly which had me feeling really tipsy, this led to snacks, chocolate and then bread with Vegemite – a total of 58 WW points including all wine – not a great day – but not the end of the world as i have and still have some weekly bonus points to use 🙂

today – I have had a bitsy eating day, breakfast before spin, snack after, then as I was cooking all day I found myself snacking on was i cooked, chilli pumpkin soup, Thai chicken balls and peppermint chocolate slice., as well as a snack of arrowroot biscuits which are part of the slice recipe!  So all in all not a nutritious day, will be a little over daily total, but not too bad.

Tomorrow the plan is to eat, more fresh items, possibly,  muesli with fruit for breaky salad of some sort  for lunch and a fish with salad for dinner with snacks of fruit

Its funny, but even my body is feeling the lack of nutrition today – I am craving some greens which is brilliant really


About mysnapshotsintime

I wasnt born in this fair city, but Melbourne is definitely the place I call home, after 15 years here, I can’t imagine ever putting down roots longterm anywhere else in the world. I started this blog to capture all the interesting and wonderful sights I see as I travel around my fair city, whether that be on foot, on bike, by tram, taxi or car, more as a visual diary for myself than anything else,so that I can come back from time to time and look upon the wonders of Melbourne, and remind myself how lucky I am to live in a city so wonderful!
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