Day 141 – Thursday July 7, 2011

Activity – A light ride to a drinks catch up (20 minutes)

Today I was busy busy busy, started with a good breakfast of 2 boiled eggs and 2 skim coffees. But as I was out until 4.30pm, in and out of meetings, it went a little astray, I did take fruit with me which ensured I had some healthy options. I ate all 3 pf these between 12 & 2.30pm, then when i caught up with N for a coffee, I also relented and shared 1/2 a lemon tart, delicious, but not a good choice for lunch :-).

Dinner was a homemade chicken & roast vegie wrap, Using tortilla wraps, and left over chicken and vegies from Tuesday nights roast, dd some tatziki, chilli sauce and spinach leaves – delicious & nutritious.

Then caught up with N, N , A & C at Eydies on Lygon st – for some bevies. I had 2 glasses if red, however as the barman was very generoous I had to count them as 4 in terms of WW por-points.

A late night snack of toast, butter and vegemite, had me ending the day on 48 points, i still have a few additional points (activity) to use for the week, BUT I am a little disappointed in myself that I havent managed to keep to my plan for the week, so I don’t quite feel that I can sing my motto “IM BACK” as strongly as I did Monday morning!!

However in saying that I am still “BACK” , but instead of sprinting, I am shuffling my eway back. At the end of the day BACK is BACK & I am proud to say I am on my way…………….



About mysnapshotsintime

I wasnt born in this fair city, but Melbourne is definitely the place I call home, after 15 years here, I can’t imagine ever putting down roots longterm anywhere else in the world. I started this blog to capture all the interesting and wonderful sights I see as I travel around my fair city, whether that be on foot, on bike, by tram, taxi or car, more as a visual diary for myself than anything else,so that I can come back from time to time and look upon the wonders of Melbourne, and remind myself how lucky I am to live in a city so wonderful!
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2 Responses to Day 141 – Thursday July 7, 2011

  1. Back is Back! Keep up the shuffle and you’ll be in the swing of things again in no time!

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