Day 166 , Monday august 1st, 2011

Well, atleast I think its day 166! I seem to have lost count, ITS BEEN TOOOOO LONG

I have been so distracted, I just havent had time to think about giving any love to this blog!

I did go off track there for a few weeks there, once I found out I got this role, I sort of let go of everything and celebrated in a BIG way. Too much food, too much drinking, too many calories…….

Until I started working I kept up the daily exercise so there really wasnt any fall out from the excess calories – which was good

But then once I started my new role, after not working for 6 months it was a lot to get used to, getting up at 6am, making myself presentable,  driving to and from work, concentrating and being present for 8 hours in a day, really sucked my energy and I found there wasnt much left for exercise once I got home.

week 1 – I managed 1 class of Pilates

week 2 – nothing, nada, niente….

week 3 – a Pilates class, a spin class and a ride along the river on sunday 🙂

So now I am starting on week 4, today = zero, no real excuse, but that I am a little weary. Tomorrow I have a spin class planned, Wednesday Pilates, thursday spin and a weekend ride. I am thinking if I can amp it up to 4x this week, I will be back to 5-6 days a week in no time.

with working fulltime, I think that having a goal of  5-6 days exercise is realistic, and that’s what I need to do – is set realistic goals that i can achieve.

where my weight is concerned – So when i finally weighed myself again last week – I  found I weighed 88.4, a GAIN of 2.4 kilos – I was not a happy camper, but today after being back on WW for a week, with a loss of 1.3 kilos I am down to 87.1 kilos and I am finally back on track………

Cant tell you how excited I am to be back on track, back in the workforce again, back on WW and back on the exercise bandwagon :-0

oh and I will be trying to post more regularly from now on, hoping for a minimum of once a week

happy monday everyone….



About mysnapshotsintime

I wasnt born in this fair city, but Melbourne is definitely the place I call home, after 15 years here, I can’t imagine ever putting down roots longterm anywhere else in the world. I started this blog to capture all the interesting and wonderful sights I see as I travel around my fair city, whether that be on foot, on bike, by tram, taxi or car, more as a visual diary for myself than anything else,so that I can come back from time to time and look upon the wonders of Melbourne, and remind myself how lucky I am to live in a city so wonderful!
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