Day ???

I will look into what day it is and update that on the next blog, the main thing for today is to start……….

and start I am…….. I weighed myself today 89.5 – that’s a gain of 3.5 kilos since I stopped counting.

My aim at this stage is to just START everything

START eating less

START tracking

START exercising

START losing weight again………

so that’s what today is THE START 🙂


About mysnapshotsintime

I wasnt born in this fair city, but Melbourne is definitely the place I call home, after 15 years here, I can’t imagine ever putting down roots longterm anywhere else in the world. I started this blog to capture all the interesting and wonderful sights I see as I travel around my fair city, whether that be on foot, on bike, by tram, taxi or car, more as a visual diary for myself than anything else,so that I can come back from time to time and look upon the wonders of Melbourne, and remind myself how lucky I am to live in a city so wonderful!
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One Response to Day ???

  1. It’s all about starting again the moment we realize there is a problem. I’m going through that very thing right now. We’ll both get to our goals though. I’m just sure of it!

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