Day 132, Tuesday June 28, 2011

Activity – 55 min spin class & 40 minute walk with J & T

A day of mixed feelings, I could tick a few things off my list of things to do before I start work & also a good food & exercise day.

I have eaten nearly all my points but have enough room for a glass of red tonight, which Ithink i just may be leaning towards 🙂


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Day 131 – Monday June 26, 2011

Activity – 60 minutes Pilates & walk to & from (40 mins)

No photo of my weight this week as mentioned yesterday I am not tracking until the 4th again as i am on hiatus 🙂

today was great day, got a heap done, running around, organising flowers, carpet cleaning, buying boots, and finally received my contract for my new position which is extremely exciting as it has now been 6 months that I have not been working & to be honest it was starting to get me down 😦  I am so excited I could burst! 🙂 🙂 🙂

But all good now, I am back on track career-wise, landing a role I am very excited about, one that I really really want – a role that is meant for me. So looking forward to starting on this new adventure, my only challenge will be finding a way to fit in the same amount of exercise I have gotten used to, whist I am actually working! Not to fear – I have a loose plan that I am sure will fall into place after a few weeks


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Day 130 – Sunday June 25, 2011

activity – a quiet walk to lunch and then the long way home

Today I woke up, extremely late.

I had 2 skinny flat whites over the paper and then @ 12.30 we decided that we were really hungry and would go up the road to the tramway hotel for a burger. A had been coveting a burger for a few days, so we thought it would be easy to walk on down and feed his craving.

We both had the delicious “tramway” burger, I did manage to be a little careful and handed over 6 or so of my delicious” man” chips ( they are a cross between wedges and chips) soft on the inside, yet deliciously crispy on the outside.

this we washed down with 2 glasses of red and then meandered home via a vintage store where we bought A a fabulous leather jacket for $80 – I a super excited by it as it also fits me brilliantly and so i will get to borrow so called “bargain of the year”

Some relaxing at home, catching up on emails, fb, twitter, blogs and finding a place to stay for our last-minute weekend away,

Plan for dinner is some pea & ham soup (we have never tried this before – but we have a stack of split peas A soaked that need to be used up) so hopefully it will all come out well and a delicious hearty soup will be our sunday evening dinner

happy sunday to you all


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Day 129 – Saturday June 24, 2011

Activity – 90 minute bike ride

Today was a mix up of a day – a lovely day, a WW challenge of a day.

Woke, ate a banana and the went for a long ride.

Had a lunch catch up with the girls, S, R, J, R, J & M, because M was back in town for the weekend @ Hellenic republic, lunch was delicious, but very high in WW points, the food there is quite healthy, but not what you would call low in calorie.

we shared the usual 3 dips, taramasalata, tatziki, eggplant with bread and also some saganaki with figs. for main we had chicken on the spit with slow cooked lamb and freekah salad and green beans and the for sweets we shared this delicious semolina filo pastry thing.

I was so so full, I  didn’t eat dinner, however this itself lead to issues as when I got home at 11.30pm as I was a little peckish and ended up eating 2 slices of toast with honey and then some “weetbix” , late night snacks are not great 😦

Also the feast or famine style of eating that I did today – is NOT good, I need to eat regularly through the day……..

But at the end of the day – I cant beat myself up too much as todays eating pattern was not planned – it’s just the way it turned out, I went out for lunch which ended at 4pm, I went to a movie from 6.50 to 9.30. Until after the movie I was not hungry at all,  I  was trying to listen to my body and only feed it when its hungry, rather than eating because its time  , so by 9.30 when I was getting peckish I thought, lets see if I can ride it out until morning unfortunately after a catch up at a friends and getting home at 11.30 I could no longer ignore my rumbling stomach and I fed it. My only issue with myself is that I should have stopped at the toast – the weetbix was over kill

Overall, I am ok with it all, as I have decided to relax my food stance for a week or so, going into maintenance mode – keeping my weight stable over this period and then on the 4th of July I will get back into it at 100% and go hard for another 8 weeks until the celebration of my day of birth – hoping that I can get down to the low 80’s by then!

until next time


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Day 128 – Friday June 24, 2011

Activity – 60 minute Pilates class

I am in  hearts clipart love with Pilates at the moment, i am feeling that I am getting so much out of it, stretching out muscles, stress release, definition and core stability, I am starting to feel my ab muscles….yay

Today will be a high pro-point total day, i have lunch catch up with M, and movie and tapas & celebration drinkies with K & M tonight!!!!!

You only live once – so every now & again you need to live it up – whats important is to get back on track after a planned blow out – not to keep on going for days, weeks, months or even years on end, as i have done in the past – this is where the real damage is done, when you get back onto negative habits.

If like tonight its planned – you are not fooling yourself about what it is, you have fun and you deal with the consequences in a healthyway – all is good

let me just tell you now that i am a happy camper

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Day 127 – Thursday June 23, 2011

Activity – 50 minute spin class

Todays spin lass was more Hate than love today – the only love  could find for it today was the fact that the classes are working, they are having a great impact on my weight loss and the toning of my body (especially my legs), but it was hard really hard today – so glad it was OVER!

Was EXTREMELY hungry today , but still managed  reasonable points day until dinner!

Because I received some brilliant news today there was a small amount of celebrating, chorizo risotto with a rocket, tomato and parmesan salad with 2.5 glasses of delicious red and some fabulous chocolate from haighs!

So yes – the WW pro-points total was high, but all for a good cause 🙂

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Day 126 – Wednesday June 22, 2011

Activity – 55 minutes spin class, my /hate relationship with this type of exercise is still strong

Yesterday ended with a high-ish WW pro-point total (10 over daily) I snacked a little after dinner (slice of toast with butter, 10 cashews, 4 crackers & 30g humus). At the time I felt it was true hunger (I had eaten lightly through the day) but looking back I think it might have been a little anxiety eating, I am waiting on some news of a job position, and I think the constant thinking and waiting is causing some anxiety which then sometimes leads to unnecessary snacking…………..

Had a lovely risotto lunch out with N @ Balderdash in Port Melbourne, wine @ Enoteca on Gertrude on the way home with my darling A, and now relaxing on the couch with a glass of Red.

If I had to do today again, i would have asked to have half my lunch put on a takeaway container straight away to ensure that i only ate as much as i needed, as I ate the whole serve and felt over full and a little uncomfortable for hours after, it 4 hours later and i still don’t feel right :-(. Either that or I need to stop @ half way – but as I know I am not capable of putting the brakes on yet – i think my initial idea is best – lets hope i have learnt a lesson from todays uncomfortableness (if that is even a word)

It looks like I will be waiting another day at least for an answer. Fingers & Toes crossed until I hear…………………….

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